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Flotation Concentrator-Flotation Separator

The flotation machine is short for the flotation concentrator. It has many kinds, such as mechanical flotation machine , inflatable flotation machine, hybrid flotation machine or inflatable flotation machine, gas precipitation flotation machine flotation machine, while the mechanical flotation machine is common.
The flotation machine is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals. In the machine, by stirring the pharmaceutical treatment of pulp, some mineral particles will be fixed above the bubble selectively. And the pulp floating on the surface is scraped to become the products, and the rest is retained in the pulp in order to achieve the purpose of the separation of minerals. 

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Crusher Industry Should Develop Independent Brand

With the further research on crusher by domestic and foreign experts, people put forward higher request on the working performance of the crusher, which makes the crusher more rational in structure, performance, parameter matching, etc. However, at present, many domestic crusher manufacturers and design units still take product design and production relying on experience or abroad design parameters; they do not form their own design concepts.
In the situation of infrastructure getting rapid development, if our crusher enterprises want to have a place in the competitive market, they must first improve the product quality and technology level of existing crusher, narrow the gap with foreign advanced level and catch up with advanced world level as soon as possible, therefore to create domestic independent brand crusher.

Innovation itself is a kind of culture; when independent innovation becomes dominant force for industry, the industry gets a constant power. Crusher industry in our country makes many beneficial contributions on the way of independent innovation; it is outstanding on the way to adhering to the independent brand, not only achieving the industry's own development, but also establishing industry's confidence; it should be an example to many metal crusher industries in our country.
Constant innovation is driving force of Henan Hongxing to maintain high-speed development. Henan Hongxing machinery in the past development course insisted on independent innovation, increased investment in scientific research, developed differentiation strategy of technological innovation, improved product technology content so that it can better serve customers and create "Henan Hongxing" brand.

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